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Americans protect their reputation by thinking about the future, shows new study

A good reputation is extremely valuable in social life, but people sometimes do things that harm their reputations. How do people avoid going for short term rewards and aim for protecting their reputation in the long run?  One way to protect one’s reputation from harm is to think about the future before acting, according to new research appearing in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Don’t Worry, Your Reputation Is Not at Stake

Panel of 4 Judges Showing Score Cards For Performance
Whether we’re speaking during a work meeting or bringing a dish to a potluck, we often feel like our reputation is at stake. But how much does a particular behavior actually affect how other people judge us?

Hunter-gatherers Agree on What is Moral, but not Who is Moral

Morality plays a role in everyday lives, from interactions with friends and strangers, to political views and social influences. Social psychologists from the University of Pennsylvania wanted to know whether there was a universal concept of moral character, by looking beyond Western populations. According to their work with the Hadza hunter-gatherers in Tanzania, the Hadza agree on which traits are relevant to moral character, but not on who has character.